We Specialize in Single & Multi Family Houses

We provide real solutions for CT house sellers who need to sell fast and investors looking to grow their portfolio for better returns.

Sentinel Investments is one of Connecticut‘s premier real estate investment firms. We focus on the needs of our clients. We are problem solvers and stress reducers. We Specialize in distressed single and multi family houses. We also deal with houses that are not in need of a great deal of work but there is a reason to sell (Probate, divorce, moving, in need of cash, unwanted property, sick of being a landlord & more).

At Sentinel Investments, we believe our success is a result of the relationships we’ve built and our Win/Win attitude. If you have a need/want to sell quickly or on your timeline, please contact us.

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Are You Facing Foreclosure?

If you are facing foreclosure, please take action now. We have ways to increase the time it takes for the bank to enforce foreclosure without filing for bankruptcy.

Sentinel Investments is extremely experienced in dealing with foreclosure situations. We can purchase your property quickly to stop the foreclosure process. If necessary, our expert team can work a short sale with your bank.

We will handle all stressful and time consuming communications with the bank and lien holders so you don’t have to. Call 203-996-7339 to speak to one of our foreclosure specialists. You can also complete our quick online form to request a fast cash offer on your Connecticut property.

Need to Sell Your House Because of Divorce?

Divorce is unpleasant enough, let Sentinel Investments help you through this difficult time. We will close on your property quickly so you can put this part of your life behind you. Call 203-996-7339 or complete this simple form now for a fast cash offer on your property!

Are You Feeling the Landlord Blues?

Let’s face it, if you’re a landlord you have had the landlord blues. If you are sick of the bad tenants, costly repairs and all the headaches that come with being a landlord – call us today 203-996-7339 at or fill out our online form for a fast cash offer on your property.

Are You Moving & Need to Sell Your House Fast?

Moving is the third most stressful time you’ll face in your life. Let us be your stress reliever – call 203-996-7339 today or complete this form to receive a fast cash offer on your house.

Is Your Home in Need of Expensive Repairs?

Do you own a house in need of costly repairs? No need to worry! Unlike your typical individual buyer, Sentinel Investments can see past the expensive upgrades and appreciate a house for its true potential. We buy houses in all conditions – no job is too big for us! Unlike conventional house buyers, we pay all cash with no need of inspection or costly repairs to get a mortgage. Call us today at 203-996-7339 or complete our online form now to receive your fast cash offer!

Can't Sell Your House Because of Liens/Title Issues?

Are you having trouble selling your house because you have liens or judgments against your property? Let Sentinel Investments work with you to solve these issues. We will work with lien holders so we can buy your house and get you out of what can be a very stressful situation! Give us a call today at 203-996-7339 or complete our online form to get your fast cash offer.

Probate/Appointed Executor of an Estate?

Have you recently been appointed as the Executor of an estate and feel overwhelmed? This can be a difficult task at a difficult time. Sentinel Investments may be able to help with some of the tasks you’ve been appointed with. We are investors, not realtors, and can purchase your property for cash – closing quickly and avoiding costly expenses like: utilities, taxes, repairs, maintenance, mortgage payments, realtor commissions & more. Call Sentinel Investments today at 203-996-7339 or complete our online form to see how we can help you through the probate process.

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