How to sell a Connecticut House Fast

If your house is distressed, needs work, is pending foreclosure, or you just need to move and want to sell fast without realtors and open houses, you need to seek a Real Estate Solutions company that specializes in fast, cash purchases. Sentinel Investments uses private funds to make purchases quickly, on your time, and without bank financing. We purchase houses in AS-IS condition, and you are off the hook for repairs. This is not a desperation sale, but a smart move.

Sentinel Investments specializes in purchasing properties in any condition. If you are experiencing the following conditions you can have us purchase your house and close it within ten days.

  • If you are in foreclosure or about to be
  • Own unwanted rental property and are tired of being a landlord
  • If you have rental property that is vacant
  • Inherited unwanted property
  • Vacant property
  • Live in a different state than property
  • Need to relocate quickly and need to sell your current house
  • Have no desire to pay Realtor fees
  • Going through a divorce
  • Have no equity and need to sell
  • Have liens on the house

When you are dealing with some type of real estate problem, Sentinel Investments specialize in solving real estate problems. When in financial distress and need to get out from under your real estate burdens, we can purchase your home, close quickly and help you move on.

If you have been named the Executor/Fiduciary of an estate, this is a difficult task during a difficult time, Sentinel Investments can help. If you live out of state Sentinel can handle everything with the sale of the property for you. Take what you want out of the property and leave the rest – it will be disposed of during the demo part of the rehab.

Reputable companies know the market value of houses in the area’s they work and will be able to give you a cash offer within 24hrs. of seeing the house.  Fill out the online form – you will be contacted shortly to set up an appointment. If needed, some research can be done online and a conditional offer will be given.

Understand that when you need to sell your house and don’t want to wait for it to go through the motions of a traditional sale, investors are going to need to buy the property for some type of discount or terms for it to make sense. Sentinel Investments believe in WIN-WIN situations, everyone needs to feel good about the deal. The discounts vary with the amount of work necessary, location and market. Terms may involve owner financing, taking over a mortgage or some other type of agreement.

A good rule of thumb is to take into account all the expenses associated with selling the house traditionally and they add up! Mortgage payments, taxes, gas or oil, electricity, water and sewer, repairs after inspection, clean out of property, cleaning of property, landscaping, snow removal and Realtor commission. After adding all this up with the addition of time and headaches, it usually works out to be better to go with the quick sale.