The American Dream is to create passive income through Real Estate rental properties. The problem with this is it is rarely passive. Building up your asset column with multi family houses or larger apartment buildings is a great strategy.  The idea is to have a property management company handle the daily burdens of being a landlord but truth be told it is easier said than done to find a reliable management company. Also, I am a firm believer that a landlord should manage a property or properties for a period of time to truly understand what it takes to keep a property rented and maintained.

Once you have had the time invested in learning the in and outs of successfully operating a property or two you know what to look for in a Property Management Group. In Connecticut and some other states a property management company has to hold a real estate brokerage licence, so not just anyone can legally manage property. A good property management group has a system in place to get a property ready to rent without over working a apartment. Do a lot of research on the groups you are vetting, make sure you feel comfortable with these people having your finances in their control.

In short being a landlord is a job and it is not easy. With that being said please don’t go into the landlord business with the idea of not having to invest any time into it after the purchase. Now if you are ready to do the work necassary to become a sussesful Landlord, you can definitely reap the benefits. If you would like to find a affordable Multi – Family house please fill out this Investor Form If you are experiencing the Landlord Blues and want out we can assist -fill out our online form Sell Your House